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Wasps are extroverted winged insects with visible body hair and possess a slim waist and a stinger. It builds its paper-like nest with wood pulp chewed from wood fibers and raises its young by feeding them insects. Yellow jacket nests are built below the ground and hornet nests are above ground. One or more wasp nests are made either inside or close openings that lead inside a home. For instance, a nest could be located near a window with a damaged screen or a door that is left open to the outdoors. While mature wasps savor sweet treats like flower nectar and ripe fruit juice, they do hunt a variety of insects, even dead ones, to feed to their larvae. Wasps will sting, releasing venom, to protect themselves and their homes. After stinging something or someone, wasps can withdraw their stingers after injecting the venom without harming themselves...a big contrast to bees, who die after using their stinger. This is due to a wasp’s ability to sting several times. Workers can live for 12-22 days while drones live slightly longer. Queens or fertile females, can live for 12 months. The most common pest wasp species are yellow jackets, paper wasps, red wasps, mud daubers, and ground wasps.

Yellow jackets seek out foods people eat, favoring sweets and meats. Paper wasps -are about 1.9 to 3.2 cm in length and look similar to yellow jackets because they are commonly dark brown, with black wings and yellow markings. Red wasps are around one inch long, red all over with dark, purplish-black colored wings. Typically found throughout the central and eastern parts of America. It's nest normally holds more than 800 individuals. Mud dauber have bright yellow and dark black coloring bodies, sometimes metallic-blue, with threadlike waists and measure about 1 inch. They frequent garages, attic spaces or areas beneath roofs or eaves. With Ground wasps, widely known as cicada killers, looks are deceiving. Although big, they are passive-aggressive. It has a rust-colored head with alternating yellow and black stripes on its abdomen.

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