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Ants are small insects, with measurements ranging from 1-30mm long, and usually live in a colony with at least one breeding queen. All ants have bent antennas and chewing mouthparts, but only fertile adults have wings. Ants live in colonies where one or a few females, called queens, lay all the eggs. Most of the queens' offspring grow up to be worker ants that do not reproduce. A select few are males, while some become new queens. Typically, a queen ant can lay thousands of eggs each year. The lifecycle of ants depends on the role. Males are here for just a few weeks and die after mating. Females usually live for several months. Queens are known to live for decades if environments allow it. Odorous house ant workers tend to live around two to three years, while fire ant workers live only around five weeks. Ants are busy year-round in tropical environments. In cooler climates, they maintain during cold weather by going into a state of dormancy or inactivity called diapause. You can find ants Inside a home nesting behind baseboards, moldings, and countertops, even inside walls. Ants are really engrossed with the aroma of sugar and grease, but eat a large range of foods, from engine oil to other ant species. Majority of ant species are omnivorous and eat seeds, nectar, and other creatures lacking a back bone. Can an ant infestation be a cause of concern? Well, black or garden ants don't bite or host disease. However, ants entering your home may have trekked through dirty places and could contaminate any uncovered food. This is thought to be true since they can carry bacteria and might transfer them to food or an exposed injury. Types of ants: Acrobat ant, Allegheny Ant, Argentine Ant, Big-Headed Ant, Carpenter Ant, Citronella Ant, Crazy Ant, Field Ant, Fire Ant, Ghost Ant, Harvester Ant, Little Black Ant, Moisture Ant, Odorous House Ant, Pavement Ant, Pharaoh Ant, Texas Leaf Cutter Ant, Thief Ant, Velvety Tree Ant, and White Footed Ant Common ants in North Texas:
• Odorous house ants are dark brown or black bodies with one node on their petiole, an unevenly shaped thorax when viewed from the side, and smell like rotten coconut when crushed.
• Carpenter ants, better known as "workers" are black, or red and black and vary in size from 3/8 to ½ inch. Queen ants can grow to one inch. They infest and damage wooden buildings and structures.
• Fire ants are medium-sized red and black and build mounds out of soft soil. They do pack a mean bite that feels like a bee sting. In addition, their bite can be lethal to individuals who are allergic.

We exterminate and eradicate ant infestations in Garland TX; Almeta-Bonita-Bella Vista, Apollo Arapaho And Camelot, Arbor Creek, Bellaire Heights, Brentwood Place, Brentwood Village, Briaroaks, Broadway Village, Buckingham North, Camelot, Camelot Community, Chandler Heights, Charleston Commons, Club Creek, Coomer Creek, Country Brook, Creek Bend, Creek Valley, Creekside, Creekside Village, Crows Nest, Crystal Falls, Crystal Lake, Dalcastle And Linda Heights, Duck Creek, Duck Creek Estates, Fall Creek Estates, Fernwood, Firewheel Estates, Firewheel Farms, First Centerville, Forest Crest, Freemonteers, Gatewood Estates, Glynnhill Highland Estates, Greens, Greens Estates, Hidden Forest, Hills Of Firewheel, Holford, Holiday Park, Keningston Gardens, Lake Point S, Lakeview, Las Mariposas, Meadowcreek Village, Meadowood, Mill Creek Crossing, Monica Park, Monica Park Heights, New West, Northeast Garland, Oakcrest, Oakridge, Oakridge On The Creek, Oaks, Oaks Of Stoney Creek, Orchard Hills, Park Groves, Park North, Picket Place, Place One, Rainbow Estates, Redbud, Retreat At Firewheel, Rustic Oaks, Shores Of Eastern Hills, Springfield Estates, Springpark, Summerfield Estates, Sutton Place, The Enclave, The Fairways At Firewheel, The Hills Of Breckenridge, The Shores Of Wellington, Town North Village, Towngate, Trails, Valley Creek, Valley Creek North, Village Green, Waterford Estates, Windsor Park, Wood Glen,Wykeham Townhomes

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