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Termites are tiny pale soft-bodied bugs that live in large colonies with various different roles. Many of its species munch on wood and can be big nuisance to trees and timber. Based on age and type, a termite can be white, brown, and black. All termites have straight antennae and measure from one-eighth of an inch to one-inch long. The lifespan of workers and soldier termites is one to two years. Queen termites can live for a decade or more in a thriving environment. You can suspect an infestation if you see wood damage, mud tubes, and/or discarded wings or small flying insects, known as termite Swarmers, dead or alive close to your windows, doors, or entry ways.

Termites don't carry disease and their bites and stings aren't toxic. However, tenants of an infested home may experience allergic reactions or asthma attacks sometimes triggered by termite saliva or droppings. Fun Fact: North America has over 50 species of termites. The three most prominent species are Subterranean Termites, Dry wood Termites, and Dampwood Termites. Subterranean termites construct large colonies underground consisting of elaborate tunnels and chambers. Worker termites then make protective tunnels out of mud and saliva in order to reach above-ground wood. When wood is consumed, they fill the tunnels with soil to preserve the humidity. Drywood termites inhabit, eat and care for young in undecayed wood which lacks lots of moisture. Contact with the soil is not necessary to live. They are known to severely damage furniture. Dampwood Termites, aka "rotten wood termites" thrive from high moisture matter and wood decay.

We exterminate and eradicate termites infestations in Garland TX; Almeta-Bonita-Bella Vista, Apollo Arapaho And Camelot, Arbor Creek, Bellaire Heights, Brentwood Place, Brentwood Village, Briaroaks, Broadway Village, Buckingham North, Camelot, Camelot Community, Chandler Heights, Charleston Commons, Club Creek, Coomer Creek, Country Brook, Creek Bend, Creek Valley, Creekside, Creekside Village, Crows Nest, Crystal Falls, Crystal Lake, Dalcastle And Linda Heights, Duck Creek, Duck Creek Estates, Fall Creek Estates, Fernwood, Firewheel Estates, Firewheel Farms, First Centerville, Forest Crest, Freemonteers, Gatewood Estates, Glynnhill Highland Estates, Greens, Greens Estates, Hidden Forest, Hills Of Firewheel, Holford, Holiday Park, Keningston Gardens, Lake Point S, Lakeview, Las Mariposas, Meadowcreek Village, Meadowood, Mill Creek Crossing, Monica Park, Monica Park Heights, New West, Northeast Garland, Oakcrest, Oakridge, Oakridge On The Creek, Oaks, Oaks Of Stoney Creek, Orchard Hills, Park Groves, Park North, Picket Place, Place One, Rainbow Estates, Redbud, Retreat At Firewheel, Rustic Oaks, Shores Of Eastern Hills, Springfield Estates, Springpark, Summerfield Estates, Sutton Place, The Enclave, The Fairways At Firewheel, The Hills Of Breckenridge, The Shores Of Wellington, Town North Village, Towngate, Trails, Valley Creek, Valley Creek North, Village Green, Waterford Estates, Windsor Park, Wood Glen,Wykeham Townhomes

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